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Attorney as Counselor

Divorce can bring out the worst in you if you let it, or it can be the catalyst for an awakening of your best self. It’s often a function of making the right choices, especially early in the process. In fact, a divorce can be a kind of crucible to show you what you’re genuinely made of. Many are surprised at what they find when faced with the challenges of a divorce (if they’re self-reflective enough), but sadly many never realize what they’re shown (since they’re not self-reflective at all).

Choosing the right lawyer to counsel you through the process is a central first step in ensuring you pursue the former rather than the latter path. Attorneys can use this fork-in-the-road reality in one of two ways: they can be the voice of reason during the difficult chapter, or they can use it to their own ends to line their pockets. It’s a sad reality but a true one. (Why do you think there are so many lawyer jokes? Partly because they’re true.) Divorce lawyers are notorious for turning what should be a few thousand dollar undertaking into one costing tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s critical that you trust the attorney you choose to guide you through this process—a choice you shouldn’t take lightly.

The attorney you work with during a divorce should be a resource to you that allows the process to be an ameliorative one. He should be there to help you be more self-reflective not less, more open to the changes that come with a breakup not more bitter at them, more hopeful at the coming change not more entrenched in hatred. The single most important step in your divorce is partnering with the right attorney to go the journey with you. Make the choice wisely.


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