Louis C.K. Approach to Divorce - David Herring
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Divorce Blahhhging - David Herring
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Tools of the Trade - David Herring
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The Peacemaker and the Pugilist - David Herring
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The Peacemaker and the Pugilist

There’s one pointed question I routinely ask my clients at the outset of representation: “Do you know who benefits most off spouses whose hatred for one another is the guidepost for their divorce?” The answer is usually obvious to them as soon as I’ve posed the question. The lawyers. I met recently with a woman who’d gone through years of bitter litigation to rid herself of her husband. She'd rid herself of a quarter million dollars in the process. Only now was she coming to me for advice when she had no more resources to give. Can you imagine emptying your retirement and your kids’ college savings because you were unable to set aside the rage you had towards “the Other”? I’m honest with peo

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