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I am firmly committed to the principle that resolving your marital dispute in a cost-effective, emotionally-mindful way is undoubtedly the best approach to take in addressing your divorce. As part of my divorce practice, this page outlines a brief overview of my practice as a family financial mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission. If you and your spouse are interested in using mediation as an option to settle your family law matter, our firm can help you.


There are some important things to know about me that may give some context to my divorce practice and interest in mediation as a tool for resolution. Following college, I earned a masters of divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary here in Charlotte. It provided a context to couple my theological interests with my care for others and with my uneasiness surrounding age-old questions of pain, suffering, and fallibility. During my time in seminary, I developed a pastoral quality that I seek to bring to my law practice. It’s a characteristic that undoubtedly sets me apart as an attorney, counselor and mediator. I think my clients are grateful for it too. They sense I care deeply about them—and I do. I’ve had clients tell me things they’ve probably never shared with anyone else. I feel privileged when that happens, and I sincerely want to honor my clients because of that. As a mediator and a neutral, such a skillset is even more useful in helping parties resolve their oftentimes profound differences.


One way you might describe me, at least in the professional sense, is as peacemaker. It typifies my lawyerly personality. In fact, it is my sincere goal for everyone who sits in my conference room that, out of their fragmented relationship, they find a path to peace and reconciliation. I tell that to every one of them. I never say it with a moralistic overtone or with some nostalgic goal of rekindling their former marital bliss (as though that ever existed). I say it that they might move on with their lives anew, away from their spouse, away from their past, and with an awakened sense of respect and understanding for both themselves and their partner. I think maybe we all need grace of that sort, irrespective of our place in life. As a mediator, this quality is invaluable. I’ve seen it time and again.

If you and your spouse sense you would benefit specifically from this cross-section of skills, I would be happy and honored to serve in the role of mediator. And there’s no role I would consider too small to help you in some meaningful way. Regardless, I would love to hear from you to discuss options. Feel free to call or email.

It is my sincere goal for everyone who sits in my conference room that, out of their fragmented relationship, they find a path to peace and reconciliation.

The Law Firm of David Christopher Herring, PLLC, is LGBT friendly.

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